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ASO: What does it mean for your App?

Here are a few tips about how to define your app name and keywords on the iTunes App Store. Doing that well might not bring you to the top app ranks, but it will definitely give you better results.

As far as App Store SEO is concerned, it’s your app name and keywords that count the most. Of course the rest will matter a lot to convince people (and good ratings help). 

J.C. GrangerASO: What does it mean for your App?

The 10 Commandments of using Pinterest to market your business

The fine informationalists over at Hubspot shared a great infographic the other day showing how to marketing your business on Pinterest. Pinterest is a great place to share your product! These are rules to live by if you are looking to market your brand through Pinterest. Enjoy!

J.C. GrangerThe 10 Commandments of using Pinterest to market your business

7 effective ways to market your mobile app

As the global popularity of smartphones and tablets continues to grow, the competition within mobile app developers also intensifies. More than 1.2 million apps are available between Apple’s App Store and Google Play, however roughly 700,000 of these apps are considered “dead,” meaning they have never been updated.

In an increasingly busy market, it’s not easy to get your app discovered. Thinking that a great app will get discovered on its merit could land you in serious trouble. Developers need to invest time in creating an app marketing campaign to spread the word.

J.C. Granger7 effective ways to market your mobile app

Facebook has a new look!

You’ve probably heard the buzz this week about Facebook rolling out the new look for business pages. Most experts are reporting that the change, which was initially announced on March 10th, will take place on June 5th for those who have not already updated voluntarily. Our experience has been that page owners get ‘tapped’ by Facebook and asked if they are ready to update. The notification states that the update will be visible to all fans on June 13th, but better to be safe than sorry and go ahead and prepare your page for the change by Thursday. Let’s start with what’s new, and then we’ll look at how it will affect you:

J.C. GrangerFacebook has a new look!