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J.C. Granger Talks Marketing on EGGS The Podcast

EGGS The Podcast is hosted by co-hosted by Michael “DJ Ontic” Smith, a Seattle, WA based DJ and Ryan Roghaar owner of R2 Media Group. The podcast focuses on creativity in all forms. More specifically, the co-hosts explore how creative bring their “egg” from coup to table. Our CEO, J.C. Granger, joins them for episode 160 to discuss his journey in the marketing realm.

EGGS The Podcast, Episode 160

Listen to the full episode if you want to hear more about:

  • The Top Marketing Resources
  • Lead Generation Myths
  • The Keys to Running a Successful Business


What is Digital Marketing?

“Digital marketing” is a broad term. Most things you do on the computer can be considered digital marketing. Think about it like this: companies use graphic design as the outward face of their campaigns or products, so even traditional graphic design can be considered a part of digital marketing.

Now, with the emergence and continued distribution channels that favor video content, video editing is not a part of digital marketing as well. As new technologies are developed, we wouldn’t be surprised to see what we know as “digital marketing” continue to expand its reach.

As far as what we do specifically, Infinity Marketing Group is a full-service digital marketing agency. We focus on providing a depth of solutions to B2B tech companies.

We offer a range of services, including but not limited to:

“I like to know that the impact we have generates million-dollar deals,” Granger says. This is why after 9 years in business, we’ve generated millions in ROI for our clients.

Top Marketing Resources

There are a few marketing resources that every company should be taking advantage of. These tools help you learn more about your sales funnel, which is invaluable in helping you refine your company’s processes.

Make sure that Google Analytics is professionally set up on your website. If you’re an eCommerce site, Google Analytics provides you wire great tools that show you which efforts are driving traffic and how much revenue is generated from each source. If you have an informative business site, Google Analytics allows you to see the funnel for site visitors, helping you to prioritize the highest converting channels.

Each business should also have a marketing CRM tool, like Hubspot or SharpSpring. These tools tell us more about how visitors get to our site, grade your leads, and pull valuable information from website visitors.

These are just two of the many marketing resources that can help companies in all industries grow.

Running a Successful Business

Controlled growth, for agencies, is critical. Many people who start agencies are comfortable with sales. The problem is, it’s not sustainable because there’s no infrastructure to support your clients early in your company’s existence.

On our homepage, you’ll see a client-counter. That’s very purposeful and critical to our success.

For us, slow-and-steady wins the race. Right now, amidst COVID-19, companies who moved too quickly are crashing right now. Our system works because when we take on clients, we build sustainable and growth-focused processes around them. This ensures that we take on the right clients and serve them to our highest potential.

Marketing Strategies by Infinity Marketing Group

Want to learn more about our marketing services? Have questions about something you heard on EGGS the podcast? Each page of our site has a unique, downloadable, and free pdf. If you have questions about how we can help explode your business’ growth, reach out to our team of experts.

Call us at (303) 834-7344 or email us at info@infinitymgroup.com

J.C. GrangerJ.C. Granger Talks Marketing on EGGS The Podcast

Building My Legacy Podcast: J.C. Granger Discusses Successful Lead Generation

Our CEO, J.C. Granger, joins host Lois Sonstegard, Ph.D on the Building My Legacy podcast. The podcast, which focuses on leadership, results-driven practices, and showcases emerging leaders, asked J.C. to discuss lead generation on their newest episode.   

Building My Legacy, Episode 41

Listen to the full episode if you want to learn more about…

  • How to Invest your Marketing Budget During a Pandemic 
  • Why Long-Term Focus Should be on Marketing Infrastructure 
  • Networker vs. Spammer 
  • Automation Tools our CEO Recommends 
  • How Understanding People Makes You a Better Marketer

Many Companies are Not Optimizing Their Marketing Campaigns

Many companies have excellent websites and a marketing strategy, but they’re failing in one major area. You can run dozens of campaigns and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, but if your campaigns aren’t optimized, how can you learn which campaigns are generating the most leads or revenue?     

Set Up Ad Tracking

Let’s say you’re spending $10,000 a month on ads. If you don’t know which ads are generating form fills however, your future ads budgets won’t be optimized. Why waste money on ads that aren’t converting? 

Building infrastructure is essential. Now, imagine that your ad tracking codes are optimized. The tracking data may reveal that 85% of your leads are coming from one ad. With this information, you can focus your budget based on the high-ROI ads in the future.

Making simple tweaks streamlines your lead generation. Not only will your marketing budget be better spent, but you’ll make more money in revenue. It’s a win-win.  

Optimize Email Subject Lines 

Email marketing drives revenue for so many kinds of businesses. Many companies are content with their email campaigns because they result in revenue. With a few changes, however, that revenue could DOUBLE. 

Let’s say you send out an email, and it results in $1,000 in sales. That’s great, but changing just the subject line can be the difference between $1,000 and $2,000 in revenue from a single email. If you begin split testing subject lines, you’d be amazed by how much more successful your email campaigns will be. If your open rate doubles, in theory, your sales will double as well. 

This just goes to show that the details matter. Paying attention to them can make you money. 

Marketing During a Pandemic 

During a pandemic, focus on the near-term. Survival is everything for companies. Based on your industry, there are tangible ways to allocate your marketing budgets during a pandemic. 

If you’re spending money on SEO right now, stop. Search engine optimization is a long-game marketing strategy.  

The only exception is if your paid ads are limited. This happens for companies in the cannabis and CBD spheres. For these types of businesses, we recommend shifting SEO budgets to email marketing. More specifically, we recommend using a tool called Mail Click Convert, which allows you to purchase and clean existing email lists. Once cleaned, you can ramp up your email marketing efforts, which have generally high conversion rates when optimized. 

If you’re in an industry that can do paid ads, these have quick returns during a pandemic; the ability to target specific audiences, and measure Cost-Per-Click is incredibly valuable. Right now, many B2B companies are having huge success on LinkedIn as well.  

Make Work Easier: Automations We Recommend 

Automation can be tricky. While saving time on everything is tempting, some platforms will “punish” you for using certain plugins (like LinkedIn). Some automation tools, however, make work easier. At Infinity Marketing Group, there are a few tools we use to save time.

For example, Gusto is great for running payroll and saves our leadership team a lot of time. Gusto also integrates if you offer benefits to your employees as well. Having everything in one place is not only useful for your leadership team, but also for your employees.

Trainual is also an excellent tool. If during this pandemic you’ve had to let go of a W2 employee, and have had to hire a contractor, Trainual makes onboarding efficient; you can upload educational videos, quizzes, and even see training progress. With this automation tool, onboarding is simplified. 

Time is valuable during a pandemic and some automation tools cut-down on time-consuming processes. Even if you just save one hour a month, turning to technology is worth it.

Digital Solutions by Infinity Marketing Group 

Infinity Marketing Group provides B2B tech companies with digital marketing strategies that generate leads. Over the last 9 years, our experts have generated millions of dollars in ROI for our clients. If you’re looking to ramp up your marketing efforts or start from scratch, Infinity Marketing Group can help your company grow.  

If you want to talk more about anything you heard on the Building My Legacy podcast or learn more about the digital marketing services we offer, call us at (303) 834-7344 or email us at info@infinitymgroup.com

J.C. GrangerBuilding My Legacy Podcast: J.C. Granger Discusses Successful Lead Generation