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5 Ways to Build a Lead Generating Website

How to Build a Lead-Generating Website 

Many businesses are so eager to get a website up and running, they don’t invest the time needed to build a solid marketing strategy as the foundation. First things first—topline goals should always be discussed before diving into any backend details or design; your website should align with overarching company goals. When it comes to effective lead generation, there are many layers to consider. We’ve laid a few of them out for you below:

J.C. Granger5 Ways to Build a Lead Generating Website

Why your marketing leader will fail?!

Once upon a time, a marketing leader was hired to boost sales for a company. The company paid this person well. However, they did not supply the marketer with any of the digital tools needed to succeed, or the necessary support team across development, design, and support, since they invested all their budget in the marketer’s salary. While this marketing leader was a great team-builder and organizer, like most marketers, he wasn’t an expert in every niche of marketing strategy or implementation.

J.C. GrangerWhy your marketing leader will fail?!